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Sweet Grace For Your Journey

Jun 8, 2022

Episode 136-Procrastination by Excuse

When we are procrastinating we are just making excuses for why we aren’t doing what we know we should be doing but are avoiding. To procrastinate is to delay or put off doing something. An excuse is coming up with a reason to delay or put off doing something. Basically procrastination and excuses give you the same results


I have heard many different reasons (or excuses) for why someone would procrastinate about losing weight. One big one is I need to take care of my family or others. We feel others are more important than we are. We put off taking care of ourselves because we haven’t been successful with that so we take care of others or do things for others. 

Mark 12:31 is a verse we might use to justify how important it is to prioritize doing things for others, but let’s look at it closer. It says to “love others AS YOU LOVE YOURSELF.” 

If we aren’t taking care of ourselves, we aren’t loving ourselves. That means if we are trying to love others like we love ourselves, we aren’t doing a very good job of taking care of others either. It’s another excuse for not doing what we know God wants us to do which is before we help others we need to put on our oxygen mask first!

But how do we do that?



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