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Sweet Grace For Your Journey

Jun 22, 2022

Episode 138-I'll Fail, So Why Try?

“It’s going to be too hard.”

“I might fail so I don’t even want to start trying.”

“No diet works for me.”

“I have to be strong for too long. My strength gives out.”

“I’ve tried many times in the past and failed.”

“I’ve always been fat. I’ll always be fat. Nothing ever worked in the past so why try?”

Those are comments from real-live brave souls who shared their excuses for not even trying to lose weight. 

Failure is the topic that seems to be on every person’s mind who has ever tried to lose weight. I blame the diet mentality and false advertising for a lot of this. 

Diets promise quick weight loss because that’s what we want. We want to fix the outside and do it now. But God is all about fixing us first on the inside in our hearts, minds, souls and spirits. This is where the desire to eat resides. 

Until we get to the root of why we eat, we will always gain the weight back and add more on. In other words we will be stuck in the gain-lose-gain cycle. Yes, people lose weight on diets. Some, like me, lose lots of weight on diets. That’s because we eat next to nothing in order to lose weight. For me it was always 100 pounds. Then we reach the goal and gain it all back plus more when we start eating what we want or think we have to have.

Finally I just threw up my hands and said, “I give up! I can’t lose weight. I am just a failure. But if I don’t try, I won’t fail. So I just won’t try because failing is too much for me to take. I will just be fat and happy.” That didn’t work either because I found out I wasn’t happy being fat. So I ate to assuage the unhappiness. That made me gain more weight which made me feel like more of a failure.

If you can relate, don’t miss this episode of Sweet Grace for Your Journey podcast.

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